9 April, 2020

Best Mouse To Buy Under Rs.500 in 2019


Well, here this article is totally focused on the mouse, a mouse is one of the most important hardware which is required. Well, a mouse is a pointing device which will help you to click, toggle or select the particular option in your system.

A mouse is one of the most important devices which is must if you want to make out the day to day works of your life. The main reason why we go for the mouse is that this device makes the working easy, this makes the thing comfortable, speed and accurate which helps a lot in handling the things very easily.

If you are one of those who wants to buy a new mouse for the purpose being, then you have come to the perfect place, well here in this article we have compiled some of best in the class mouse which you can get for the rate of less than 500.

Just like any other gadget, which is available in the market mouse is also one of the things which you available and the issue is that. There are many different brands which are available in the market. This is very tough to make the right choice, and in addition to this there are different people available in the market and they all have different preferences and hence again the question comes that is which mouse to choice.

List of the top mouse under 500

1. Dell MS111 optical mouse

  • Talking about dell this is one of the best in Class Company when we talk about the hardware of the computers. This company is very popular, here let’s talk about the optical mouse which comes from dell the MS111, this device comes with 3 buttons and in addition to this you get a scrolling wheel which will help you to work out, this is a wired mouse and the best thing is that you don’t need to give a dam to any other driver installation, this mouse is compatible with almost all the system.
  • In addition to this, this mouse is made perfect and is made taking the left and the right-hand person hand into consideration hence both the right and the left-handed person can use this mouse without any sort of issues.

2. HP X1000 wired mouse

  • This is a masterpiece when we consider to buy a mouse under 500, you get to find the best buy the sites like Amazon or others, the best thing about this laptop is that they understand the need of the user and they have worked a lot hard in providing user experience.
  • This mouse has been made under some of the very strict standards and which are followed accordingly.
  • Talking about the design you will find that this mouse has 3 buttons and in addition to this you will get a scrolling wheel and in addition a best in class optical sensor, the thing to consider about this mouse is that this laptop has no requirement of any sort like driver installation and in addition to this any sort of downloading things.

3. Logitech b100 optical mouse

  • this is again one of the cheap and best mice which you can get under the rate of 500, this mouse is best for providing comfortable use and high-speed communication, this mouse features to be having 800 DPU which enables smooth and very high tracking and this when comes together provide you a best in class experience.
  • The design of the mouse is so that, both left and right-handed people can use this and with great experience, irrespective of that your machine is running Windows or Linux, in order to use all you have to do is to just plug in the start using the mouse.

4. HP USB X500 optical mouse,

  • compatible with all the OS and in addition to this all kind of laptops and notebooks for the purpose all the thing is that you need not have additional setup. You get three buttons in the mouse and a scrolling wheel which will help you out in the process.
  • This mouse comes with a USB type of 2.0 interface and in addition to this it comes with a national level of warranty, this means If there is an issue you can go to the service center to sort out the things.

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