9 April, 2020

Top #6 VR Games For Android

Virtual reality ( VR ) games are a very interesting topic of the gaming world, nowadays peoples show their interest in the virtual reality games, these games give you reality in playing with the powerful VR headsets i.e. play stations VR, HTC vive, oculus rift, and consumer benefit from tons of VR gaming choices.

#1 Adventure time: I see Ooo VR (cardboard)

This is a cartoon network animated television series with a cult following. Because it shows the immense popularity, in VR game, Adventure Time. This is very incredibly polished and enjoyable. While this gameplay is not reliant on familiarities with the series. This is a VR mobile game which is very good for Adventure time lovers.

#2 VR noir (Cardboard, Gear VR)

The virtual reality gaming is visually stimulating, these types of gaming are looking best and having a good experience when the story of this having best. The story of the VR Noir is the best story, it is one of the best video game for your android mobile phones. The VR Noir gives you the best experience and delivers almost transcends pure gaming. The VR Noir is the free game and it is the top pick for your mobile VR.

#3 Proton Pulse ( Cardboard, Gear VR )

The proton pulse brings the classic breakout to the new level, it hailing from Zero transform, and Vanguard V is the company behind it. This breaking game is a way which is more intense than the basic one of the blackberry days. In this game, there is a slight story. The control of this game is too good, and mesmerizing colors, this is the best downloading mobile virtual reality game.

#4 Zombie shooter VR (Cardboard)

This is the best game for the fan of the Action and house of the dead games, Zombie shooter VR is the VR smartphone game, this game is very good you need to try this VR game. The Zombie shooter VR gives you the house of the dead, it appears you to like a retro arcade game and plays it like one as well. This is a free game and it has a good aiming game for VR smartphones.

#5 Unicorn Happy place ( Daydream )

Unicorn Happy place is a delightful VR game from developer Sparklepoo, the title of this game is a multilingual title and which centers in a unicorn which is purple in a magical forest. This game having some different but interesting mode it includes a relaxing meditation section. Plus we can interact with the unicorn at the time of playing which is in neat ways such as feeding it carrots.

#6 Hunters Gate

The Hunters gate is the best action games for the VR smartphones this is a shooting game, which receives a massive revamp as a daydream VR game. We play as a gunslinger fighting on your way through the town of hunters gate. It’s a basic game but one of the best fun game, it also includes multiplayer action.

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