9 April, 2020

Best Laptop To Buy Under Rs.30,000 in 2019


Just ignore the people who say that laptops are outmoded, laptops is one of the best in a class tool which is required by the student and helps a lot in productivity and one should have proper knowledge on how to use laptops. so if you are one of the those how to want to buy a good laptop but doesn’t have enough money to buy then you have been in the right place. Here in this article, we will provide you a piece of complete information about the laptops which you can buy even if you have your budget less than 30,000.

List of Laptops Under Rs.30,000

Here is the list in which in addition to this price we are providing a piece of complete information about the laptops, the specification and the thing about the laptops which will help you out to get the right choice.

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad 320E

This laptop comes with 320E and a 6th generation Intel i3 CPU and in addition to this, you get a 4 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 1 TB. One thing that you should consider is that this is not the laptop which is fastest of all, for the price, this is one of the best laptops which you can find in the market, this laptop will deliver the best in class work if the work involved is light browsing and word processing.


  1. Asus X541UA

  • well here the thing to consider, you can get this machine for the price of 30,490, well this is one of the best in class notebooks which you can get. This has somewhat same specs which are in Lenovo Ideapad 320E.
  • It was in the speed with a 7th gen Intel and 13 CPU and with this one of the things that you have to consider here is that it will not come with the preinstalled operating system, this is very important.
  • One of the things is that you have to consider out before you are going to make a choice.
  1. Acer Aspire 3

  • You can get this laptop for the price of 16,990 and 18,949. This is the best thing well this laptop comes under a price of 20,000, within the price this laptop will offer you a decent price, yet the specs are not that much high, but this is for sure that this laptop will not trouble you in the day to day work. And the best thing is that this laptop is made with taking one thing in mind that this laptop doesn’t get fail in the day to day works.
  1. Dell Vostro 3468

  • The price of this laptop comes around 26,990
  • This laptop comes the operating system of Ubuntu 14.04 well straight when you take it out of the box, and when we talk about the specification, this laptop comes with 14 inch of screen well this is pretty good and in addition to this it is a 7th Gen i3 processor and here the masterpiece, this laptop comes with the 4 Gb of stunning RAM which will work very fast, well if you are not considering windows as for you, then this laptop is best for you.
  1. HP Notebook 14Q

  • Well this laptop comes under the price of 29,990
  • The price of this laptop is just touching the limit of 30000, but when we consider the specification and working you will be amazed. This is a dependable laptop and the best thing is that this is very light which makes this laptop very easy to carry and take.
  • The specification of these laptops are somewhat similar to Lenovo and when you take the laptop out of the box it comes with windows 10 which is pre-installed in it.
  1. Dell Inspiron 3565

  • coming on to this, well this laptop is one of the best in the class laptop which you can get for the price of 28,890. This laptop is a bit different from all the other laptops which we have. This comes with AMD dual-core A9 chips, yet not powerful as we can consider being as of I3 processor but is a masterpiece when we consider the graphics of this laptop, this simply means you can play of the indie games without facing any sort of issues forms any type.
  • Coming on to specs with a laptop comes with a 1 terabyte of hard disk and a 6 GB of RAM and in addition to this when you open the box you get preinstalled windows 10 and the standard kit.
  • One of the thing that you have to consider here is this laptop comes for the budget of what you have, you cannot compete with other laptop but considering this as a day to day working, this is one of the best laptops.

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