9 April, 2020

Best Flagship Smartphones Under Rs. 70,000

The flagship smartphones reached a new level in the year 2017, in the term of price and design. There are some best flagship smartphones under the range of 70,000.

Google Pixel 2 (XL)


n the year 2017 Google placed a new market in the smartphone with the launching of their own smartphones with their brand and replacing the old Nexus lineup. Google lunch more hardware control under their smartphone their software optimization with compare to the hardware is better than ever. The resulting is a great experience and the camera is also great with the all-time record, this is the best smartphone of 2017. This mobile phone has 4 GB RAM with 62/128 GB internal storage, it has a single Nano SIM with no SD card expansion.

Samsung galaxy note 8

The Samsung galaxy note 8 had to do something great as compared to the note lineup. These phones have 6 GB RAM with 64/128 GB internal storage, dual SIM is inserted in these types of mobile phones. The battery function of this smartphone is also good with 3330 mAh battery. The display is the best display in the market this is the best display ever. On both sides of cameras, the OIS is present in this smartphone, this phone is slightly on the heavier side, and the battery life is mediocre.

LG V30+

LG started to develop the new generation smartphones, their smartphones are too good and they are not much heavier, this smartphone is a 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage, and its Adriano is 540 with dual SIM support. The design of this phone is too practical it is the mixed with the modern curved and practicality of using edges. The design is one of the best design. This phone also has a feature of water resistance. The camera set is unique with the presence of a wide angle lens.

Apple iPhone x

This phone is one of the best phone and the most needed which is refreshed in the design, the designed is the most iconic design which refreshed since the original one. This is the first phone which reduce the bezel and introduced an OLED display, this phone has 3 GB RAM with 64/256 GB internal storage, and the graphics of this phone is three core graphics, this phone support single Nano SIM card. The battery is of 2716 mAh battery and this is not much heavy, the design of this phone is most attractive and looking most beautiful design.

Apple iPhone 8

This design is the repetition design of the graphics used in this phone is good, the back is of metal is replaced with a glass back leading with the addition of wireless charging, this phone has 3 GB RAM, and the graphics are the three core graphics, single Nano SIM card support. The battery of this phone is 2691 mAh battery, but the battery life is one of the best battery life in any smartphone the standby time of this battery is amazing.

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